Hey, What’s So Great About Camp Anyway?

Hey families!

Leave your stress behind, and get camp back on your mind. I just have one question for you: why on earth did you send your kids to camp? Seems like a bit of a silly question coming from Bunk1 – a company founded on the principles and passions of camping. But let’s really think about it for a minute.  School’s out for summer and essentially your children have two to three months of freedom – endless possibilities and, for some reason or another, you’ve all chosen to send them to camp…there’s gotta be something to it - and there is.

Each year, over six million children attend summer camp in the United States alone. While there are endless reasons camp is invaluable for you and your campers, here are a few of our favorite benefits from summer camp:

C: Connectivity

A: Activity

M: Maturity

P: Parent alone time

Connectivity: Ironically, the one time where campers unplug from technology is the one time they have the best connection (no wifi needed!). When you ask alumni campers for their biggest take-away from camp, more than half of the time they’ll respond that it’s their friends. Of course, spending time 24/7 with any group of people will bring you closer together, but there is something special about summer camp that gives kids a shared purpose and a greater sense of community - from the bonfires and late-night pillow talks, to experiencing new activities for the first time with one another, camp is a support system that builds friendships far beyond summertime.

Activity: Kids were born to run! After 10 months of pent up energy, camp gives kids a structured way to release and channel their excitement through nonstop activity. While campers may be active during the school year, the outdoor environment of camp is exponentially beneficial to your camper’s physical and mental health. Biologist Edward O. Wilson, Ph.D., introduced his theory of ‘Biophilia’ about thirty years ago which explains human’s innate affinity for the natural world. Stay tuned for more about camp and the great outdoors in our next blog post!

Maturity: The only way for a bird to learn how to fly is to leave the nest. (Cliche, but true). Camp provides an opportunity for kids to make decisions for themselves and to navigate a new world as an individual. With the support of counselors, staff, and friends, children have the chance not only to explore the outer world, but also their inner world. Through the development of self-confidence along with social skills, your campers will return home more mature than ever!

Parent Alone Time: As we’ve mentioned, it is tremendously beneficial for your campers to develop their independence with some time away from their parents. However, it is also beneficial for you as well. Although it may sound silly, spending time away from your children will make you miss them, and consequently, end up strengthening your relationship. Check out this great article in The Huffington Post for more reasons: 10-reasons-its-healthy-for-parents-to-spend-time-away-from-their-kids Not only will you be able to strengthen your relationship with your campers when they return from camp, but you will also finally have a little extra time for yourself and for other relationships in your life. Use that extra time to start a project, learn something new, or just catch up on some sleep!

Of course, this is just a bird’s eye view of all the benefits of sleepaway camp, but we look forward to exploring these ideas more in depth as the summer goes on. Even better, we’d love to hear about your favorite parts of camp - either from your own experiences or some from your campers.

Until next time, readers!

Happy camping,