Ready or Not, Here We Come!

We’ve got 3 words for you: Take. A. Break. A break from the day’s work, stress, and chaos. After all, isn’t that what camp is all about? Unfortunately, we can’t rewind time and go back to camp ourselves (trust me, we’ve tried), but we can still stay connected to the spirit of camp. But how?!

For a few minutes a day, we too can feel like we're back at camp by living vicariously through our campers! That’s right...our Bunk1 Blog is here and ready to roll. Together, we’ll dive into topics such as the benefits of camp, homesickness, color war, and more! The camp experience is so crucial to your child’s growth, so we want you to be a part of it even while they’re away - and let’s be probably have a little extra time on your hands now that they’re at camp! Our goal for this blog is to keep you informed, entertained, and connected. We want to create an online community of camp families and hear about your unique experiences with summer camp.

If there is anything you are interested in exploring, reach out to us on social media this summer @bunk1camps!  Now, let the games begin!