Stay Connected to the Camp Experience

Bunk1 partners with summer camps across the United States and Canada to offer families a simple way of staying connected with their campers. With Bunk1, families can access secure online photo galleries with facial recognition, send printed notes to their camper, read daily newsletters, and watch videos from camp from a desktop browser and our easy-to-use mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

When you login, only the options available to you will be listed. If you do not see a service listed below, your camp does not offer this. 

Secure Online Photo Gallery

Bunk1 offers each camp a secure photo gallery. Only family members of current campers are granted access to view and purchase photos. 

Your camp may hire photographers to take photos throughout the summer. Please be aware that it is not always possible for the photographers to capture every camper in action. Some campers tend to shy away from the camera, while others will enjoy having their photo taken. 

You have the option to purchase high resolution digital downloads, prints, or photo products such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, coasters, and more. 



Send Messages to your Camper with Bunk Notes 

Our Bunk Notes service allows you to send a message to your camper that will typically be delivered within 24 hours. Every day the camp receives 1 PDF document with all of the Bunk Notes that have been sent. They then print and distribute the notes with the regular mail. Campers are never receiving the notes on the computer. 

You have the ability to enhance your Bunk Note. Add borders, photos, sudoku puzzles, baseball scores or twitter feeds to create fun notes.  

Activity Feed, Push Notifications & Newsletters

Stay up-to-date with all things happening at camp! Camp utilizes our Activity Feed, push notifications, SMS text messages and newsletters in different ways. While some camps have the resources to provide you with a daily update, others may only be able to create a new post on a weekly basis. 



Receive Handwritten Responses from your Camper 

Bunk Replies allow you to receive a handwritten response directly into your Bunk1 account. If your camp utilizes this service you will have the option to purchase stationery prior to camp or add reply stationery when you send a Bunk Note. The stationery will be uniquely bar-coded and linked to your Bunk1 account. If you purchase in advance, you can print off as many copies as you like and pack it with your camper. Just make sure your camper knows to write on the bar-coded stationery and hand it in so that you receive it. If you add when you send a Bunk Note, a single piece of bar-coded stationery will be distributed to your child with your Bunk Note. 

Once your camper writes and hands it in, camp staff will fax the response back to Bunk1. Our system reads the bar-code and sends it to your Bunk1 account.